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Observation: What most people don’t realize about Tumblr Filipino Teens (and Filipinos themselves) is that

…these pretentious Obey-ing swaggerific Supreme teenybop hypebeasts are really only of the Filipino-American (SoCal) variant. Native Filipinos have a very different style as opposed to the North American ones. 

My month-long trip in the Philippines last summer made me realize that native Filipinos rarely care about how many pairs of shoes they have, and aren’t even aware of terms ‘fitteds’ and ‘snapbacks’. Heck, they’re happy with whatever they can get. They value the simple things in life where as the other bunch flaunt obnoxiously and materialistically about how much swag they got.

It cringes me until no end when these Filipino-Americans boast about their national Pinoy pride because I can’t help but feel that they’re giving the Filipino culture as a whole a distorted representation.


I haven’t been on for a while. Oh well.This is for all you tumblr teenybopper hype beast cutesy couples. 

I haven’t been on for a while. Oh well.

This is for all you tumblr teenybopper hype beast cutesy couples. 


The truth is…

I miss you terribly. I miss our friendship. I miss being comfortable around you and everything just felt right - now it is the complete opposite.

How did we end up here?



This is Magnus. Give my little bumblebee her house. And her money. Then get out of town. If you don’t I will get you. I will get you like you got me. That is a PROMISE.

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How did something so amazing turn into something so unbearably ugly in such a small amount of time?